My first blog…!

Let’s start with something everyone should have…’belief in yourself ‘
Remember those scenes from Kung Fu Panda when mast.Shifu is worried about how to defeat Tai Lung as he is fast approaching and Shifu is stuck with Po(panda) who doesn’t know even a bit about kung fu fighting,and was accidentally chosen to be the destined DRAGON WARRIOR.Inorder to calm Shifu, his master,mast.Oogway tells him something magical….Oogway says to him “if u don’t believe that the panda is the dragon warrior destined to defeat Tai Lung,he will not fulfill his destiny nor you yours”…”You must Believe“.
The other scene when Po is standing with the Dragon scroll in his hand and his dad tells him the secret ingredient he adds to his noodle soup,Po’s dad says…”there is no secret ingredient”.To this Po gets shocked,he then realises something,he opens up the scroll which is blank,he can see his reflection in the scroll and says to himself…”there is no secret ingredient ( I only need to believe that I am the Dragon warrior and I can defeat Tai Lung).”
Friends like I say,poems and stories have always been a medium to express something.By story of Po,the accidental dragon warrior who realises that believe in self is very important to fulfill his destiny; So shall we realise that to achieve our goals believe in ourselves is very much important.

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