I’m just a Common.

‘Dushyant’..the name was of the King of Hastinapur(Delhi).
This poem,I wrote it for myself,to bring me out of the low life and to dream and be successful in having a great life ahead.

My name’s similar to a royal,
Buy I’m just a common.
I’ve seen rich mobiles,heard of mighty castles,
But ain’t got any,
How can I, I’m just a common.

Who cares about my deeds,
I’m just known by my name,
Who’d ever think of me as a legend,
I got no fame.
It’s all pleasure before you open your eyes,
And out of the wonderland.
Well,I did say, I’m just a common.

It would take years,
But I ain’t stepping back,hold no fear,
Pull up my socks and gear up,
For I know there’s place at the Top.
With a strong desire,with every steady step,
With a heavy heart,
Leaving somethings behind,
To  have everything ahead,
I begin,
As I’m not gonna remain,just a common.

Now happiness rides to me on horse back,
With no heavy heart,but a heavy pocket.
With no more just dreams of castles and posh rides,
With like no other man’s fame.
Here I am,with a smile on my face,
Coz I’m no more just a common.

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I haven’t forgotten

Days faded away,
Nights turned into sunshine,
But I’m still here, writing my feelings,
All so filled up with sorrow,coz you ain’t close,
It was my fault,it’s etched in my memory,
That stuff,yeah,
I haven’t forgotten.

That what started with friendship for you,
And ended up in hatred with me,
Those talks,my phrases,
Don’t know what more got you close,
And one fine day I told it,
Those words,yeah,
I haven’t forgotten.

My stupidity,my carelessness,
My intolerance,my ignorance,
All that drove you away,
That heart breaking of yours, I did.
I did that more to me, than to you.
If you’re reading this,
I want you to know, this is,
That part of my life,
I haven’t forgotten.

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What is it?

Try and answer, What is it?
That keeps him so engrossed,
That never let’s him get marooned,
That is far from him,but yet beats his heart.

Try to think,
Is it?
Is it what everyone calls ‘the feeling’,
Is it what happens when the world seems to be found in someone…’the only one’,
Is it the feeling that everyone experiences,
And yet remains so exclusive.

It is,
The one feeling of numerous pleasures,
The first sight of her,that makes you blind with this feeling,
The feeling more felt than having all the treasures,
Yes,It is LOVE.


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