I’m just a Common.

‘Dushyant’..the name was of the King of Hastinapur(Delhi).
This poem,I wrote it for myself,to bring me out of the low life and to dream and be successful in having a great life ahead.

My name’s similar to a royal,
Buy I’m just a common.
I’ve seen rich mobiles,heard of mighty castles,
But ain’t got any,
How can I, I’m just a common.

Who cares about my deeds,
I’m just known by my name,
Who’d ever think of me as a legend,
I got no fame.
It’s all pleasure before you open your eyes,
And out of the wonderland.
Well,I did say, I’m just a common.

It would take years,
But I ain’t stepping back,hold no fear,
Pull up my socks and gear up,
For I know there’s place at the Top.
With a strong desire,with every steady step,
With a heavy heart,
Leaving somethings behind,
To  have everything ahead,
I begin,
As I’m not gonna remain,just a common.

Now happiness rides to me on horse back,
With no heavy heart,but a heavy pocket.
With no more just dreams of castles and posh rides,
With like no other man’s fame.
Here I am,with a smile on my face,
Coz I’m no more just a common.

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